Today in the city Clinton 19.11.2017
Democrats see opportunity in a strongly Republican California congressional district

Regina Bateson was at home trying to get her young children to fall asleep before they realized Donald Trump would be their next president. Jessica Morse was volunteering in an empty office in Colorad...

Abuse allegations have revived scrutiny of Bill Clinton — and divided Democrats

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said Clinton should have resigned after his affair with Monica Lewinsky. A longtime Clinton aide lashed back.

Kirsten Gillibrand says Bill Clinton should have resigned, as old allegations resurface

The story of Clinton’s treatment of women has not been news for many years outside of conservative media. But liberals have started publicly reckoning with this legacy recently.

Fusion Donald Trump to FBI Investigators: Let Me Make This Easy for You | The Slot In Debate Prep, H

Fusion Donald Trump to FBI Investigators: Let Me Make This Easy for You | The Slot In Debate Prep, Hillary Clinton Practiced Dodging Trump’s Weird Macho Hugs | Deadspin WWE Wants to Replace John Cena...

The New Washington: ‘The New Washington’: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Ms. Gillibrand spoke with Jennifer Steinhauer about her legislation to reform policies on sexual harassment on Capitol Hill, power dynamics, President Bill Clinton and more.

In The Shoulda, Woulda World Of Democrats And Bill Clinton, How His Resignation Alters Politics

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand engaged in some serious revisionist history when suggesting that Bill Clinton should have resigned from office. The question: if Bubba had pulled a Nixon in 1998, what...

Rethinking Bill Clinton Amid Sexual Harassment Debates

With Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in the headlines for sexual misconduct, The Atlantic writer Caitlin Flanagan says it's time for Democrats to reassess the legacy of Bill Clinton.

Clinton aide: 'False comparison' to equate Bill with Weinstein, Moore

Former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines told Fox News' "The Story" Friday night that comparing sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Clinton to more recent claims against prominent men rep...

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